‘Inclusion is a process rather than an outcome and your participation is essential.’



Content is Queen is a storytelling club made up of women, BAME and LGBTQIA people to connect, create, and collaborate using audio and podcasting. 




We produce, distribute and elevate high-quality stories and ensure they reach the audiences that need them. We will work with our members and clients to upgrade the listener experience through access to our production facilities, members studio (coming soon), producer network and one to one surgeries. We step in at any point in the podcast journey and help set a realistic pace and direction.




We honestly believe that podcasts can AND are changing the world. The two most powerful things we have as humans are our ears and our voices and those of us that have full use of them must not take that for granted. Listening is essential to empathy and compassion. A well-told story not only has the power to alter our biochemistry but it makes us feel connected to others. The power of our voice and the things we say to ourselves and others, quite literally dictate our behaviour and our results. We can’t change the things we don’t know exist. Podcasting is changing the world and it’s now more important than ever that the voices we hear are representative. 


Our community is the reason we exist, why we get out of bed every morning, why we keep sending those emails, hosting these events and even face rejection and setbacks. We care about their stories and if we didn’t create the space for them to share it, we’re not entirely sure anyone else would. So join us if you consider it your place on this earth to speak and share the truth, take up space and change the world - we really need change.

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