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We know podcasting, I mean we reeaaallly know podcasting. We've been at this for five years which is just after serial but before everyone (and their mum) had a podcast. We've seen it go from croacky whisper to a full blown roar and boy has it been a helluva ride. 


There's not a company that we don't know or an update that we've missed. If we were a Game Of Thrones character we'd be Varys because we get all of the tea, insider gossip and the updates on who's commissioning(!). 

Maybe you don't need to know every dirty, scandalous secret in the industry, but you do want to know what's launching, who's paying and what's hot. This is where the club comes in. Access and information is invaluable.


Read on to get the lowdown on what to expect when you join.

Monthly Masterclasses

If you're here chances are you found us through a banging event we hosted or someone mentioned one of our events. We'll be putting together workshops on 'Building your own at-home studio' to 'Audio Editing' and 'Sound Design'. We've had sessions with BBC producers, Acast, and Global to name a few. If you're a member these classes are absolutely free. If you're not quite ready yet, you can get tickets for £30 per session.

Content is Queen Festival

We've got some huge plans for the festival over the next five years and they almost certainly include you. As a club member, you get automatic entry to our annual festival. We've got some pretty huge headliners booked, inspirational speakers and the very best experts arranged to upgrade your content.


You can learn more about the festival here.

Podcast Studio

(Coming Soon)

The jewel in the Content Is Queen crown will be our podcast studios. They are being built to the industry standards and will be fully accessible *AND* affordable and we don't mean £50 per hour affordable either. Podcasts sound best when you get together and bounce off each others energy. Podcast Studio membership options are very limited so be sure to register your interest.

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